Adventures - We'll give you a thrill of a lifetime


GoingGreece Tandem Paragliding over Myrtos Beach. Thrills and fun for all...

Buggy Tour

GoingGreece Buggy Tour in Gerania Corinthian Bay. Get in a two seater buggy.

Boat Trips in Mykonos

GoingGreece will take you on beautiful boattrips in Mykonos. Mykonos Boat Trips


Enjoy watersports including cubbing and get a thrill by trying to avoid falling off.

Extreme Skydiving

Test your limits with Greece's professionals and take a ride of a lifetime. Sky Dive Athens

Enjoy The Waves

Set your adrenaline up and learn how to have fun with waves.

Greek Adventures

GoingGreece and Greek Adventures jeeping in Halkidiki & Northern Greece.

Chania Boat Tours

GoingGreece & Chania Boat Tours will take you on an exotic trip around Crete

Bill's Yacht Santorini

GoingGreece & Bill's Yacht Service in Santorini will sail you to all the secrets spots

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